7 beautiful gestures that will help relationships work.

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We have listed 7 Sweet gestures that will help in making your relationships work in this pandemic.

When tensions run high, it’s important to pay attention to all the relationships in your life, meaning several subtopics in this vertical can be of vital importance. We all know that the coronavirus outbreak has changed our lives. With many colleges, schools, businesses, and hotels closed, life today doesn’t look anything like it did four to five months ago. An invisible factor that can spring up suddenly to not only make or break careers, but also wreak havoc on lives and livelihoods. 

Relationships will certainly be tested over the next few months. Not just because you’ll be spending every moment with your family, but because a global fatal of this scale can weigh heavily on each of you and in faceted ways. “Relationship research has concluded repeatedly that everyday gestures that express fondness and appreciation for your family or partner are essential to feeling close and connected,”

A Family:

7 beautiful gestures that will help relationships work.
7 beautiful gestures that will help relationships work.

A family isn’t necessarily about blood relations. Often, but not always, this includes parents and children. Many people consider friends to be as close family. In the context of family love, the term refers to bonds characterized by deep affection, respect, loyalty, and healthy attachment. Family relationships are different from other types of bonds.

Feeling love is one thing ­- showing it is another. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right phrase, but a simple gesture can be worth a thousand words. Warm the heart of your loved ones or your family with a simple gesture like a warm throw, a cup of tea, or prepare some 1 minute lovable speeches for them to remind them of how much they matter in your life.

Every person is unique regarding the types of gestures they’ll appreciate most, and you know your partner best. Some of the Gestures can be:

One of the Gestures : Smile and be cheerful

Smile and be cheerful

Have the “positive mental attitude” and wear it proudly; this might help make your family feel a little more loved by you then usual. This time it is very much necessary for your family to be loved or cared by you. Be nice to them and try to make conversations that you’ll know they wouldn’t be able to resist! Even if the subject bores you, but you know they enjoy talking nineteen to the dozen about it; try to sound interested.

Second Gestures: Make a greeting card

Make a greeting card

Bust out your construction on a paper, glue, colored pencils—whatever you have on hand. Or just use a piece of printer paper and a ballpoint pen. Write all your emotions to a single piece of paper and tell your loved ones by giving a  card that how much they values to you. Tell me who doesn’t like getting a custom-made card?

Third Gestures: Put the devices down and spend time with your family

Put the devices down and spend time with your family

A family that lives under the same roof but spends no time together doesn’t have the opportunity to develop and maintain healthy family bonds. Nowadays, everyone is searching their happiness on internet. But they don’t know their real happiness in their family. It can be easy to stop talking properly, especially in a long-term relationship. Maybe you’ve gotten too comfortable, or don’t feel like there’s much to say. Just try! You may find out something you never knew, which hopefully will be a positive thing, as opposed to finding out your first cousins or something. Give your family members enough of your time to enjoy a strong connection.

Fourth Gestures : If you have siblings try to help them with homework or studying.

If you have siblings try to help them with homework or studying.

You can help your sibling with their homework by monitoring their efforts and helping them when they struggle, and also by making sure they stay focused and take breaks when needed. I have a younger brother who is in 4th standard, he is facing difficulties in understanding English language, as we all know schools only focuses to complete curriculum syllabus. By getting this time, I used to explain him some basic concepts of speaking English. Nowadays, he is still learning how to speak English but he is clear with some basic concepts. Help them, they will listen to you.  

Fifth Gestures : Take time for Video Calls

Take time for Video Calls

Sometimes we forget about this obvious option because of how easy it is to text someone, or message them through social media. I’ve been scheduling video call with friends who are facing some difficult situations in these really bad days. I tried to remove Corona from our minds by reminding our past golden moments that there are always some good things in their life, too, not just bad. I focused on the personal, not professional, so they truly understand that there are some people who care about them beyond their accomplishments or jobs. 

Sixth Gestures: Send them a loving text about a favorite time with them.

Send them a loving text about a favorite time with them.

We all have a long list of friends, each with whom we spent a great time. Let them know you’re remembering a time you were together, this will make them feel special. As many of them are always thinking about this pandemic, just shoot out a text and tell them that this is just for some time, We’ll be meet soon and spends that moment once more.

Seventh Gestures : Ask someone what is their biggest survival need right now and what you can do. 

Ask someone what is their biggest survival need right now and what you can do.

Often, people ask how they can help you. Most of the time, it’s not genuine; it’s a way of just being friendly — it’s like asking, “How are you doing?” without wanting the answer. This is a time to mean it. Now, I’m asking, “Really, what can I do to help?”. Reach out to someone who might need to hear that he’s not alone — your co-worker, your assistant, your neighbors, your friends, your teachers. Share your feelings, too. If you approach this in a way that doesn’t burden them, but helps them see your humanity, you’ll be doing the best service for them.

Remember that we’re all in this together.

Over the past few years ,we’ve been extremely divided because of politics, media challenges and generational differences. We’re all wary of the unknown; we all want things to get back to normal. There are also so many positive impacts of this crisis. Focusing on that is a much healthier approach for both you and the people around you.

Just always know that you are never alone. You may not know how but all the great avatars and teachers are with you and all you must do is call upon them with an open heart. Have faith in something greater than yourself and it will make this even easier. Faith in truth. Faith in God. Faith in the Lords (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc).

Please share this article so that it helps more people look out for one another in this difficult time. 

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