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Hey, I am Anzila, founder of ” basteln wellen“. I was a student who always focused on academic excellence. I haven’t participated in any kind of extra curricular activities. While pursuing post graduation in Mathematics it was coincidental that I turned into this profession. I had never been a passionate in crafting. I used marvel on people who have talent creatively. And it gives me immense pleasure to surprise others. I love to gift my beloved ones as they never forget about it.

I was searching some special gifts for beloved one as their birthday arrives. Meanwhile I have noticed one of my friends, she was making a scrapbook for her husband. And it was really pretty!! Suddenly it struck at my mind, why can’t I make it also. I believe handmade gifts are the most beloved gifts ever. But the path is not easy as my thoughts, it took almost one month to complete my first scrapbook even with the help of YouTube .

Finally I was satisfied with my work and I realized that it gives me immense pleasure to do so. And I was so overwhelmed by the responses I got received. He loved it very much. I have never ever thought about choosing it as my career. At that time many of my friends asked me to do such scrapbooks for them. But I was not willing to do it. There were many queries later then, Gradually I began to think about starting a new page on Instagram. Firstly I have shared it with my fiancé. His replies made me more confident. He supports me till now as the way no one else can.

When I was  young, I’d always worried about my talents!! Everybody around me doing something productive. But I thought i am not creative like them . Even i felt that I’m not worthy enough. But at present proudly I could say that I feel guilty that I am little bit late to recognize my passion.

As I mentioned earlier that I’d many queries about my work, I have done two of them. First one was for my classmate which she gifted her boyfriend on valentine’s day, second one was for my college mate. Both of these works were in low budget. Both works were well appreciated and it made me confident much more. I strongly believe that it’s not the money makes me happy beyond there something touches my heart in this field.

Then I entered to the next phase where I started posting my works in social media to get a wider reach. I started a Instagram business page “Basteln wellen“. The name basteln wellen was my fiancé’s suggestion. He helped me to get the raw materials in the beginning. When I started two of my friends helped me a lot since they were already running craft pages.

Life began to change. I got many orders through Instagram. Indeed , there were many people who mocked at me at the beginning .And they told me “This is so cliche thing in Instagram nowadays. Don’t lose your studies.” But I swear I never wanted to bow my head before them. Instead I made them think twice.

In the mean time zannist had conducted a makers meet, luckily I could be a part of it. It was a milestone of my journey as a beginner. Meeting other people with same interests and works was a great experience. I was happy that i got a lot of friends in the same field where i can discuss about my new ideas and everything about these things. The team paved a base in my crafty ideas. They were all very supportive.

My elder brother, parents, sisters and friends were my greatest supporters. My brothers help me to deliver the products even in case of local delivery.

And today when I look back, I’m so happy that I had made that decision. It’s been a very special journey and I learned a lot of things. I also got to know about many talented artists. But most importantly, I feel amazing when people choose me for their special days to make it even more special.

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