Himanshi Agrawal – Fostering love via handmade stuffs

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Himanshi Agrawal, Founder of crazyforhandmadestuff
Himanshi Agrawal, Founder of crazyforhandmadestuff

There is no greater joy in life than the joy of creating something handmade for someone which brings a wide
smile on someone’s face.

Himanshi Agrawal, Founder of Crazyforhandmadestuff

Hey myself Himanshi Agrawal, I am a Designer from NIFT building a platform with all kinds of handmade personalized and customized products @crazyforhandmadestuff. It’s a startup which is specially for all those who believe in gifting and owning handmade products which are specially designed for an individual or a group of people as “products from crazyforhandmadestuff are made with all the love and have story of their own”. I am following my passion and working on this as I totally believe if we don’t love what we do, we won’t do it with complete conviction and I love making something for someone which will bring a wide smile on their face whenever they see it.

  1. When you actually articulated your passion and start chasing it?

I started working on this since March 2020 at the time of COVID when everyone’s life was just confined to their homes and all we had was our family with us. That’s the time I started working on my craft skills and started exploring different mediums and materials and a few of my friends my friends motivated me to start an instagram page sharing my work as they actually loved it.

And that was the time I thought maybe I should give this a try as I always loved gifting handmade gifts to my loved one’s and I started with this page as crazyforhandmadestuff which completely goes by its name and defines me. So here I am now making all kinds of handmade gifts and products.

You should always remember this while you are buying an handmade product from any artists, you are buying something much more than just a product from them as it is made with hundreds of hours of failures and handwork. You are buying something that they have put in their heart and soul into.

2. What is your best selling product till now?

I make everything with all my heart and I love when the other person loves the end result as the satisfaction and peace of mind I get when I see someone smiling when they receive something especially made with love and care for them is just ineffable and it makes everything the best selling product for me.

3. What challenges were you facing and what motivated you to solve them?

The challenge is always to create something new and continuously coming up with new ideas as when we are displaying our work on social media we have to be consistent with our work updates. Because the social media platform is a place where people will only get to see you, know you and remember you only if you make something unique and grab their attention. So that’s the biggest challenge and all my followers and people who continuously support me let it be my family, friends everyone who loves my work and share their genuine reviews motivate me to work even harder and come up with something new and different.

4. What is the best advice you can give?

I would ask everyone to follow their passion and heart and keep supporting handmade products as they are made with love, care and only for you. So keep loving them by gifting and owning them.

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