How to decorate a room for an awesome birthday party

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Birthday parties allow so much creativity when it comes to birthday decorations. Turn your art and craft skills into some awesome with these DIY birthday party decor ideas. Decorate your room and celebrate your precious moment.

Birthdays are very memorable moments in everyone’s lives. And as we all know a memorable moment only make memorable with ambiance, decorations. In this year with the pandemic it is not possible to roaming shop to shop for decorating items for a Birthday Party, instead of hunting for decorations, why not indulge in some family art & craft time and make your own? After all, who wouldn’t want pom-poms at his or her party, after all—and what’s better than confetti, candies -filled balloons?

Here are some quick, easy and affordable DIY decorations ideas for the next birthday party in your family.

Balloons and Ribbons Backdrop

Decorate birthday party

Grab some balloons and streamers and then get to work. Make bare wall to a festive colorful one with just some piece of tissue paper confetti is the foundation for this Colorful backdrop.

Handmade birthday banner

Make your own a homemade birthday banner, only need colorful paper, string and card stock paper. Use the colorful paper to create letters. Make circles or any other shapes out of the card stock, big enough to past the letters. Put your cardstock décor on the string and your banner is done.

Paper Fan Banner

If you can fold a piece of paper, you can make this gorgeous garland as affordable birthday party décor. Grab streamer rolls in all colors of the rainbow from the store. You can put these up on a wall to decorate a rainbow effect. The length and color can vary according to your theme.

Confetti/Toffee/Chocolates-Filled Balloons

Decorate birthday party balloons a totally fresh twist by filling them with confetti, toffees, Chocolates for a pop of colorful birthday party decor.

Paper/Ribbon Chandelier

Chandeliers can make your moments a beautiful and memorable one. Decorate your parties, grab all your plain and printed ribbons and a cardboard or metal ring. Simply string on the ribbons and hang it up wherever the party is.

Glitter Balloons

Make your Birthday special with Glitter Balloons, all you need for this is balloons, glue and glitter. Blow up the balloons and use the glue to create stripes or shapes on the balloon. Simply add glitter onto the glue, blow off the excess and let it dry. Your shiny party decorations are ready.

Shining fairy lights

Some gorgeous DIY decorations include Fairy lights. The great thing about fairy lights is that they can be used to decorate and it can light up a dining room or an outside event.

Glasses Candles

Grab glass jars in your house, some golden glitter and battery operated candles. Put some glue on the inside of the jars, and add the golden glitter. Shake out the excess and put a candle inside, and your Glasses centerpieces are ready.

Printed table cloth

Need tablecloth urgently? Grab some brown packing paper, colors and a potato. Simply cut it in half, dip it into the color and start making prints on the brown paper. Your DIY, recyclable tablecloth is ready.

Ice cream balloons

Another great idea is to use Ice Cream Balloons. A must item for a birthday party. Make paper cones from craft paper. Place the balloon on top of the cone and glue the paper to it. Your DIY ice cream balloons are ready to decorate your party.
How To Make DIY Ice Cream Cone Balloons for Birthday

Paper Hot Air Balloon

Make a Basket tie with a ribbon on 4 corners and add a Balloon on top of it.This paper hot air balloon with an LED tea light is sure to add charm to any birthday party décor.

Hanging Tissue Paper Flowers/ Pom-Pom

Flowers are pretty, but they’re expensive and don’t last. For a budget friendly alternative, decor the party space with tissue paper blooms you can DIY in a snap. You can make them in any color and any size.

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