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“Be diligent and hunt your dreams”
Hey, myself Neha Rose. I’m a CA student and a budding women enterpreneur. I manage product designing and creative content creation. “Nehsh” is the brand I own which stands for all my creative content creation and business management. According to me, to pursue dreams the first and foremost step to be taken is, follow your heart and let go of society’s perspective about what you should become.

neha rose

What challenges were you facing and what motivated you to solve them?

The most difficult challenge I’ve faced once I stepped into this field was the lack of confidence to expirement on something creative. As beginners are always short with enough fund and orders “What if the expirement fail to bloom flower discouraging what I expect?” “Will it turn out to be a wastage of money?” Such kind of frets always evaded my from trying something new. Even so, I prevailed over this challenge once I realized “No building is built without stones and bricks”. Be fearless to expirement cause your performance will get better by day and for sure your experiments will turn to a massive success one day.

What’s one change you should make right now to help you get closer to your success?

To pursue my dreams, I’ll always stay distant from excuses alike demotivation from hypocritical people, responsibilites of family-life, work-life or educational-life, lack of time or anything that evades me from pursuing my dream.

What mistakes have you made along the way?

First and foremost, let me say, my mistakes are known to be my best teacher in my life till date. I do respect my mistakes and always assure not repeat it again. As a new kid on the block I erroneously compared myself with recogonized crafters with years of experience and knowledge about what they’re working with. Even so, once I realized “No one is born with shedload of followers of fans, everyone achieve success passing through thick and thin experiences”, I started motivating myself to work harder by day.

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

I never felt if i could get a chance once to start all over again. I relied myself all while my journey until reaching where am now. I needfully plan over things before taking each step towards it. So, I’ve never felt going back or to start with something different. I’ve brought my best into what I’ve already passed through.

What is the best advice you can give?

The best advice what I can dispense is, “Nothing is built overnight”. Good things take time to happen. Once it happen it’ll be worth it. Neither seek for spoon-feeding or short cuts. Work hard to make it happen. Be patient and keep experimenting. Follow your heart, not someone else’s perceptives about what you should be.

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