Rajasree Nambiar- Creating wonders for independent artisans via his WONDER ARTS

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Rajasree Nambiar, Founder of _wonder.arts
Rajasree Nambiar, Founder of _wonder.arts



Rajasree Nambiar, Founder of _wonder.arts

Hey, I am Rajasree Nambiar from Kannur,Kerala.
I am a postgraduate in zoology. Also manage a small bussiness of art and crafts. I own ‘WONDER ARTS’. It was almost 2 years back i started an instagram account and start taking orders. I am very fond of crafting in my unique way from childhood.

Wonder arts is all about handmade gifts and much more. We can customise scrapbook, boxes, mini cards, hampers, dreamcatchers, clay pot, kerala mural paintings, etc totally according to buyers demand. Each work is unique and cant reproduce as such. Made with lots of effort and hardwork.

Now working as a full time crafter.
Almost completed 650+ orders from wonder. arts in and out India .

With Buying handmade, you are supporting independent designers and artisans who have worked hard to develop their skills and creativity.

  1. When you actually articulated your passion and start chasing it?

I started wonder arts before 2 years and it gives me immense happiness.

2. What kind of products do you sell?

Handcrafted items such as scrapbooks, explosionbox, dreamcatcher,kerala mural paintings, pot paintings, hampers and much more.

3. What is your best selling product till now?

Scrapbooks and dreamcatchers are always bestsellers.

Handmade Gift from _wonder.arts

4. What is the best advice you can give?

Always do whatever makes you happy and it will do magic in your life.

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